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Default Remote Identification


I still have the original remote for a Pace 4P HD PVR but it is getting harder and harder to use the buttons at the top. Now I'm looking for a replacement and cannot seem to find out what remote this is although I think it is an A3. I bought an A4 from Makro and although it works I am unable to remap the volume to control the TV volume which is the way the old remote worked and is also the way the Explora remote is setup so not good at all.

The remote has got a dial that can be turned to switch between TV1/2 A, B, C and D. Only three white buttons (power, i and exit). It is a learning remote as I can control my amp and TV by switching to A or B.

Is this an A3?

Any help is appreciated.

MC Mods - May I suggest creating a sticky post with all the information and manuals for the different remotes and how they can be identified as well as compatibility of remotes and decoders.

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